Medal Emboss

I’m at a bit of bind here today. I’ve 3 days to convert a logo into a brass medal. It’s one thing to simply take a vector logo and simply extrude over a cylinder, but another to make it have a stamped or embossed appearance. Back in the day I once used Cinema4D which allow me to take a flat surface and balloon it up like a parachute. However, Rhino for all its precision offers no such method.

I’ve tried Drape, with little control over softening the edges of things, and I’ve tried converting to a mesh just to use the SubDivide feature — with horrid results, and I’ve tried to model every tiny shape and detail a bit at a time (a two week job at least).

So I’m hoping someone knows of a way to apply a blob of honey over a collection of extruded shapes to soften and blend the entire logo into a pleasing result.

Any ideas would be much appreciated.

I should add that the logo has different elevations for things…

Nurbs surfaces are not ideal for this, unless you have loads of time.
It there any reason you cannot use a mesh?

Unfortunately Clayoo would not be a consideration as you are on a Mac.

I’d use a mesh if there was a way to get this to work.

I have not used C4D myself, although I am familiar with displacement mapping in other applications.

Filters (etc. gaussian blur) in an image editing app can create blending/softening, with a benefit to using multiple layers to manage details independently.