How to lay a flat logo onto multiple surfaces

I’m very new to Rhino, but I can get around ok but definitely a newbie. I need help, whether a video, direction or whatever, on the following.

If I have a 3d model of an orange that has slices cut into it, and I want to assemble the slices back together to make an orange, how do I put a logo over multiple surfaces of the outside of the orange?

I understand how to put a logo on the orange before I slice it, via youtube tutorials, but the orange has already been sliced.

So here is really what I’m doing. I’m helping a balloon manufacture design balloons. The manufacture’s design person is not able to help at this time. I’ve been asked to figure this problem out for them to use their rhino templates and overlay a corporate logo. I have the templates to start with the 3d version of the balloon. The balloon is made up of individual surfaces. They are only 2d. So if I wanted to put a logo of the company on the balloon over multiple surfaces, that’s what I can’t accomplish.

Any help or ideas would be appreciated. Remember that I’m very new to Rhino so hold my hand a little bit more than usual.


Hi Greg - are you applying the logo as curves, or as an image?


Hi there. Thanks for the reply. The balloon is of course, a set of flat 2d surfaces that when sewn together, makes a round surface. The logo, let’s say it’s a flat logo such as Ferrari, needs to lay onto the curved multiple panels. I’m sending you a picture as an example of what the previous designer could do. So the logo is a flat image that is 2d. Then I have to apply it to the balloon which is a set of multiple flat surfaces which is curved. I think that will make sense to you when you see the image. Any information would be appreciate. Obviously this can be done, I’m just limited to Rhino being thrown into the position to solve this problem while the other rhino user is “Not available”. Thanks again Pascal.

Hi Greg , so this is a texturing problem, for rendering and not a modeling problem, that is what I was trying to sort out. You can, if the important part of the logo is meant to ride on more or less the equator of the shape, select all the panels and assign cylindrical mapping to them - if your image is set up with the right aspect ratio, that will work or, more likely, it is a cylindrical decal.

Logo test.3dm (433.8 KB)


Hi Pascal. So this is exactly what I need. You made it look so simple. I have a few questions which will probably be very stupid but I feel you can step me through this. Again, I understand how to build balloons, I understand rhino just enough to do basic balloons, but very new to Rhino on situations like this. I’m confident I can get smarter as I try on Rhino but we are just under the gun to get some projects out.

When you select the panels, are you selecting them using, for example, the right view or selecting them directly on the perspective??? Does it even matter?

How do you assign Cylindrical Mapping to the panels.

Lastly, what are the steps you used to import the image and place it on the panels?

Again, I really appreciate your time and if you could just take a little bit of time and step me through it, I would truly appreciate it. I think we need to hire you to design these balloons for us. LOL.

Thanks so much. Just step me through the process. We would appreciate it so much.


Hi Greg I used a decal in the example file since we do not want it to repeat.

Info on mapping and decals in Help

Select all the objects at once and, in Properties, find the decal page.

Click the + and go out to disk and find the image you want to use

Set it to use Cylindrical mapping-

Then you can set the cylinder - I usually get the center and radius right and then monkey with all the settings from the decal controls to be more precise afterwards:


Thanks Pascal. Really!

I have to run somewhere but will come back and look at the instructions. Let me give it a try and I’ll let you know how it goes.

Thanks so much.


Hi Pascal. I’m actually getting pretty good at this. Biggest problem, probably because I’m no new to Rhino and I’m missing some of the basics, is setting the cylinder in the balloon. Right now it’s a hit and miss, but I’ll figure it out. Thank you so much for your kind help, patience and stepping me through the process.


Hi Greg - use a planar decal and set the projection direction as needed.


Thanks Pascal. I actually figured that out finally. But I have a question. Why do the decals only show when you Rendered the perspective and doesn’t show when you select shaded for your viewport? If I wanted to look at the balloon that has different color panels, such as the one that you did that is blue and red, the decal goes away. I’m sure it’s a simple issue or I just don’t know enough about shading vs Rendering.

Thanks… Greg