Placing a logo onto a surface


I have an image of a logo I would like to stamp on the surface of an object. Could someone help me accomplish this? Ideally, I would want the logo to be raised above the surface? Can this be one? If this cannot be done, is there a way to stamp/indent the logo on to the surface?


You can use the image to create a displacement map and use ApplyDisplacement command.
Or, use bump mapping in material properties.
Or, create logo geometry and boolean with the surface. You will have to create logo curves from the image, or if have logo vector file (.ai, .eps), it can be imported to create logo geometry.
Using any of the above methods, you can emboss or deboss a logo.
here are some useful tutorials:


Here are two ways I applied a logotype to a boat hull,
The first is an image file saved as a png so it has a transparent background.
The new render engine in Rhino appears to have limited control of the placement and scaling of the image on the surface so this might take some experimentation in the creation of the png.

For the second version I create the text as a model and trimmed the surface with the model - then changed the texture for the text. Obviously this will only work if you have text or a fairly regular shaped logo.