Measuring volume

Hi i want to measure volume for a research project , but a popup appears as “ some of the selected objects are not closed, this calculation is only meaningful if the selected objects fully enclose a volume” what do i click or do to rectify this in order to obtain a accurate volume ?
Thanks !

Hi @shenalisilva1994

You may start by running ShowEdges to check your object(s).
> Analyse/Edge Tools/Show Edges

Set the option to Naked Edges
All Edges that will be displayed in Pink ( the default colour ) need to be fixed.

Why these edges are not welded to the main body is the main concern ( make sure to join everything ).

This is one way, the problem can of course be of another nature.

Rodolfo Santos

Hello rodolfo !
Your help is much appreciated , i am new to this software , i did follow the steps that you mentioned , and it is showing naked edges … How to join or merge the edges ? Tried a few option but wasn’t successful

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Dear @shenalisilva1994 , I wasn’t aware about the fact that you already requested to get support for the same issue on another active thread, as mentioned by @davidcockey

For clarity of things I would suggest to stick to the previous thread and suppress this topic.
Please post a file as suggested, that’s the best way to get help.

Feel free to collaborate privately with in case the project is confidential.

Rodolfo Santos