Unable to calculate volume of closed solid

Not sure why with a closed solid rhino is unable to calculate volume. Thanks in advance!
Todd.3dm (9.8 MB)

Hi Courtney- the ring is not closed - matchSrf the two surfaces at the naked seam for Position > Average checked and Match by closest points checked, then join it all up again.


Hey Pascal, when I run the show edges command, it says there are no naked edges. How can I find the open edges?

Hi Courtney - they showed up here - is ShowEdges set to show nakeds or nonmanifolds?


Show edges set to naked edges shows this-

That is so odd, I am not seeing that. However knowing it I can fix it. Thank you! @theoutside

Hi Courtney - can you take a screen grab of the object and the ShowEdges dialog ?


Sure @pascal

Hi Courtnney - thanks - the file you posted has the ring separate from the stuff at the top - do you have two objects selected? If you deselect them, do you see the nakeds on the ring?


I removed the other objects, it is just the one now. It still says the same thing!

Again, that object is different from the one in the file you posted, so all bets are off.


does selopenpolysrf light up your ring?

that is my 1st line of looking for bad bits.