Where does rhino indicate if in a selection of objects for analyze volume one is not closed?

Q1.In my finished project I need to get the volumes of my objects, if I select all those in one go that are ferrous and if lets say one them is not watertight without me knowing such, I might think the volume shown after selecting ‘analyze volume’ represents all of them.
Where will rhino tell me not all selected are accounted for in the result ?

Q2. Maybe useful in this and also it is needed in fast selection anyway for this task, where can I constrain rhino to select solids only ?
we have osnaps but no mention of ‘solid’.

Q3. Also is there a command to copy result to clipboard as a decimal figure without the tolerance values ( to paste into e.g. excel) other than try highlighting it and then ctrl c or right click copy ?


ShowEdges and select the volumes. Any volumes with naked edges are not closed for volume calculations.

Steve -

Where does rhino indicate if in a selection of objects for analyze volume one is not closed?

Check the Properties panel. If all selected objects are closed polysurfaces, it will say so in the object type field:

Only if you didn’t read and/or understand the information in this dialog that you answered Yes to:

It won’t. It will take into account all objects that you selected; also open ones.

Use SelClosedPolysrf.



I was hoping to avoid having to study each and every object, I select two and look at that and it says varies.
I then have to do each one, first is closed polysurface, second is closed extrusion. so it means click view, click view, when I wanted quick click click click and analyze.

I dont get that panel appear saying ‘some of the selected…’
I am V5 as shown, is that a V6 panel ?

> Where will rhino tell me not all selected are accounted for in the result ?
It wont,

do you mean it displays volume for open ones, I read that as if it does, excuse me if I misread.

ok selClosedPolysrf. I was selecting, hitting volume and getting result, entering into excel, selecting hit enter etc etc.

that will now instead reinstigate the polysurf command, is there a way of having hit enter rerun selClosedPolysrf then analyze volume , or can i lock selClosedPolysrf as the active selection for the duration of the volume analyze exercise ?

copy result…

damn ! its not quick, means careful selection else get no entry, a double click gets all so no good.


Steve -

It’s the same panel in Rhino 5. If you have an object that is open and that doesn’t prompt that panel, please send the 3dm file.

Yes, it does.

Polysurf isn’t a command.

You can make a macro and assign that to a button or a keyboard shortcut.
SelClosedPolysrf Volume
But running that macro twice in a row will just select the same objects again…

Hi Wim,
to test rhino shows volume for an ‘open’ object i make a solid using cube tool, slice a liver off its edge, trim command, lok to see it is open and i can see interior.
select it run analyze volume and I get that warnong panel you said about turn up :slight_smile:
so it wont just do volumes and bite me in the bum,

i then say go ahead (though I wouldnt normally) and it does calc a volume, no doubt closing the open end for the calcs only.

Leads me to think how it does that if the end is as if nibbled at by a mouse !


No, it doesn’t.
There is no attempt made to close the polysurface.
And, not surprisingly, the result is not meaningful.
This 1 x 1 x 1 cube with one open side returns 0.833 mm3 and not 1 mm3: