Measuring the length of a curve when it is extended

yellow moon plates only.3dm (57.9 KB) I have created curved surfaces which I can measure end to end, in this case 36, 36 and 40, So once curved I know the length. I want to know what the length of flat metal I need prior to the curves. How do I work this out

Hi Lingums- The Length command or DimCurveLength should be what you are after I think.


I know there is a lenght of the curve tool in anotations. I used the command, first it asks me to pick the curve, ok I do that then It asks me to pick the start point, with style leader chosen, I pick the start point, then it asks me for the next leader…if I try and pick anywhere along the curve it just jumps off into space somewhere…whats happening?

What’s wrong with the Length command as Pascal suggested? It works on your file for me. Pick the curve and you get the length at the command line. I think the question might be whether you just “want to know the length” or whether you want to add a dimension showing this length. If you just want to know it, the Length command is all you need.