Command "Length": add option "from point to point"

If possible, to the command “Length” add option “point”, so that it has the possibility of selecting a first point on the curve (or line) and knowing the distance from this point to another (up to the two extremes), without having to subdivide the curve.
example, I want to know the length from point (A) on up to another point on the curve (or up to the two ends).
I think it is a useful option to be added to the command.

perhaps to emphasize the length (x) with a persistent point

It would be useful in the phase construction of a design, in my opinion.

You could also call “length sub curve”, with a persistent point option that emphasizes the length choice.

@davide76, the _SubCurve command displays the picked length in the statusbar too. You might use it to create a button macro which extracts a subcure and just measures it`s length eg.:

! _-SubCurve _Copy=_Yes _Pause _Pause _Pause _Length _Delete


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It would be a more comfortable option in the command length, in my opinion …

Let’s assume you wanted to know the length between point A and point B. Should I split the curve into three parts, use the command and then combine everything. And if there are several points? a slaughterhouse!
In addition, if from point A wanted to establish a length X, for example, 12,5cm, and to fix the point on the curve?
I believe that the length command needs a good dusting (small options, no big deal …).

The macro above does exactly that. Run it and click on point A then B and it will extract a temp subcurve and report its length. Then it deletes the subcurve measured.

That is done with the command _SubCurve, click the first point on the curve, enter 12.5cm. Then the mouse pointer is constrained on the curve and asks for a second point, because Rhino needs to know which side of the curve to keep.


Thanks clement, thanks for help me.