Measure the length of a curved line

This sounds like a silly question, but DimCurveLength doesn’t seem to be the one… if I make a curved line and want to know how long that line is, what do I type in?
Thank you:)

What do you mean by “doesn’t seem to be the one”. It is the one. You just have to bear with the format of the dimension entity which is an annotation leader with curvelength reference in its text.

  1. You have to select a real curve (not a surface edge)
  2. Pick the starting point of the leader
  3. Pick the next point
  4. Pick another point if you want or Enter to end the command.

If all you want to know is the length and you do not necessarily want to place a dimension, the command would be Length (in the Analyze menu). Select one or more curves or surface edges and the microscopic reporting area in the lower left corner (or the command history panel if you have that set up in the right hand sidebar) will report the total length.

HTH, --Mitch


Thank you:) I swear that command wasn’t there before I just updated Rhino… or maybe I’m just crazy:)

Oh, you’re probably not crazy… But the Length command has been in there since, like, Rhino 0.8… :smile:


hahaha! I like how you did that… “Nooo… you’re not crazy… But, yes you are.” hahahahaha!
Ps. do you know where I can get Toucan materials for rhino in mac? I have all these materials for Windows, but nothing in mac. Creating all new ones would really suck… I just want to download some at this point.