Measuring edges

I’m trying to get a dimension on an edge but none of the tools I use give me what I want. Here’s a vid of what I’ve tried.

(This is from a Windows user, so take this with a grain of salt as things might be a little different on the Mac side) If you are just interested in knowing what the length of that edge is, you can sub-select it (Command + Alt and click on the edge) , then use the command Length. If you need an actual dimension annotation on that edge, you will need to set a CPlane on that edge and then draw your dimension.


Oh yes, I’d forgotten about the sub select function. I’m climbing a learning curve and dropping my tetons.

There’s not way to get dimension annotations without changing the c-plane? That seems unproductive.

You can also “DupEdge” to duplicate the edge(s), join them if there are more than one segment, and measure the result with analyze length “_Length” for the result.