Measure an area on-the-fly

Rhino Area command requires as input a polyline, polysurface, hatch or a polygon mesh. This is ok for most purposes. But when working on a building plan I frequently need to evaluate the area of alternatives that are not yet drawn. Drawing a polyline and then using the area command to see what is the area is a cumbersome way of doing this. What I miss is a way to measure an area while creating a closed polyline, without creating any polyline. I was wondering if anyone has already done this.

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Hi Filipe - it is probably possible to script but there is no tool in plain Rhino for reporting the area as you draw. However, if you use DimArea on a closed polyline and edit the polyline, the area dimension will update - you can add and remove control points as needed.

DimArea.3dm (33.2 KB)


Thanks @pascal! I’m aware of DimArea. I use it frequently but not in that way. It might be very useful in some instances. I’ll try to script the other option when I have time.