Get AREA... draw rectangle, then meassure, then delete rectangle... can u do it FASTER?

I was wondering if the u could show the area of a rectangle while drawing it… as a tooltip or such.
The Area command way takes way too long…

Help greatly appreciated! Best,

Hi Anika - there is nothing like this at the moment but you can use DimArea to mark an existing rectangle and then modify the rectangle and watch the area update accordingly.


Hi (again) Pascal!
So the idea behind it would be to just “see” how much sqm a specific area would be, not to document it…

do you know of any plugins that would do the job? grasshopper maybe?.. or could one maybe script .something?

should be the easiest thing, just multiplication axb. if numbers are even, i can calculate it myself, but most of the times numbers are 113.234 x 256.22… thats not so easy on the fly.


Hi Anika - my suggestion is to use DimArea (or Text) as a readout for the area as you modify an existing curve.



maybe below script is useful, it does not delete the rectangle, but you can abort drawing it… (1.4 KB)



Thats just great! thanks a lot.

Maybe i should start learning some python…

but the Rhino guys should implement something like this at some point. Architects use it all the time. maybe as just as a part of the tooltip…

very cool Clement. I was secretly hoping you would chime in with something just like that…

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btw. me being cheeky… do you have other useful python scripts handy?

@anika.boeller, what do you have in mind ?


mh… nothing specific… some “best of” stuff, geared for architecture/design that improves design workflow, and from which i could learn. is there a forum where rhino users post python scripts?

Hi @anika.boeller, you might start here: :wink: