McNeel nudge info page fails to say how we alter the steps for the nudge options


does not say where we can alter the step size a nudge makes.

I have tried ctrl nudge and also ctrl shift nudge and for the refinements I need these are massive, and I am unable to proceed at all.

I am in inches small and with a curve of 0.04" rad viewign large on screen, the smallest nudge moves my control points off screen too far.

I also saw mention of a command CtrlNudgeKeyStep …Gets or sets the Ctrl-key based nudge step amount.
but entering that in the command line nothing happens in V5.

update I have found nudge in properties, but see this. makes no difference on amount moved (compared two printscreens one over the other.



But why are you reading the Rhino 6 help file, if you are working in Rhino 5? None the less and if I recall correctly, you set the nudge distance in options>modeling aids
HTH, Jakob

Sure it does.
Right at the top:

But I agree, a link to Options >Modeling Aids, >Nudge would be a helpful improvement.

my revised post just missed yours, ah, V6, never spotted that.

but I now am looking at v5 page, still it says that.

I presume that command is also v6.

I’ve always thought Nudge settings would make more sense as a Document property instead of a Rhino Option/Preference.

Hi John,
fix on v5 and v6 pages ? as v5 page appears same data.
…edit removed post about ctrl shift nudge no different to ctrl nudge as its shift nudge, doh ! :roll_eyes:



Why Ctrl Shift arrow? The alternatives changing the size of the Nudge increment are the the Crtrl key or the Shift key, not Ctrl and Shift keys together.

Tolerances have no connection to Nudge.

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Hi David,
egg on face.
no wonder, yes its shift nudge, and doing so sees a fine movement.
There is another prog I use ctrl shift nudge in, I seem to recall, and it got crossed over into the Rhino brain there !


Working fine here.
My settings:

Command History: