Is there an incremental move command?

I typed Nudge, hoping it was called that.

This is where a sort of thesaurus for Rhino is needed, I call things by one way, but dont know what McNeel have called it.

Would others find such useful ?..I shall start a survey :-)…in another thread…rings a bell with something I asked about a while ago.

that aside.

I typed creep,
also tried Move to see what options were there, the most logical typing so far.

I need to hit the arrow key and just nudge move something (in ortho view) to an increment I have set in the Nudge options. To have that option work whatever key is tapped, up down left or right.


That’s the way Nudge works. No need to type anything. Just select the object and hit the arrow keys.

You should go into Options>Modeling Aids>Nudge and first check the radio button for “Arrow keys” instead of the default “Alt+Arrow keys”. Otherwise hitting the arrows will rotate the view, not move the objects. Then check if you want the moves to be CPlane relative or World relative. Then set the increments you want.

Tip: if you have a standard Windows keyboard, the PageUp and PageDown keys work as arrows for nudging in the Z-direction.


You gather up all the “synonyms” and I’ll put it in the help. How’s that?