MBD for Rhino

Hi all. Many places are moving to model based definition. I can not find this request for Rhino 6. Please help as this is very important for the life of the Rhino in our company!

Could you please add some details to this wish and explain why it is important - sounds like we are talking endangered species here…

"Model-based definition (MBD), sometimes digital product definition, is the practice of using 3D models (such as solid models, 3D PMI and associated metadata) within 3D CAD software to define (provide specifications for) individual components and product assemblies"
Ok, so the big slow point we have with Rhino is in converting to 2D and then dealing with revisions… other software we use can annotate the 3D and the production team can view the info from a 3D pdf. No more 2D drawings. I push for Rhino as it is faster for the 3D work but I can not compete if they do not have to do 2D designs…

To get more specific what you see missing in Rhino for MBD, as you can already annotation and dimension the model in 3D and through plug-ins you can export to a 3D pdf with dimensions.


having used Rhino for years and also worked a couple of years using MBD in ProE/Creo following ASME Y14 standards for mechanical design.

you could do it in Rhino but I think the tools for annotation and dimensioning are lacking. definitely need some type of proper GDT&T tools. also without being able to “show” the dims/annotations from the geometry/features directly so they are always up to date, your work effort would be about the same as doing 2d drawing revisions.

i can’t imagine doing MBD outside of a parametric solid modeler. you could “fake” the visual look in Rhino with a lot of work, but there is just so much missing in Rhino to implement it proper. especially if you are trying to follow Y14.5 and 14.41.

this is all opinion based off the work I was doing, your needs might be different and not as strict.

EDIT: on second thought you could get pretty dang close using Grasshopper and some of the add ons at food4rhino.com. there’s still the GDT&T issue though.