Rhino is still a "modeling" software?

Looking every week at added futures and bugs fix in the “bug tracker”, the usual issues: annotations, cycles, rendering and display. Little attention to all modeling and editing tools!

It is right to work and improve these aspects, but to base Rhino on these, it seems to me to be exaggerated and inconsistent with the nature of the software (CAD MODELING NURBS).

We would like to see more work on fillets, shell, surfaces, surface modification, booleans … In my opinion, development should change course!

What do you think?

That’s because the development of those tools happened earlier in the V6 development cycle.
Annotations, rendering, and the display pipeline work are the last things to get done for V6.

Every week: two lines of bugs or future on booleans, for example, and 30 lines of annotations. Do you feel normal? (as if Boolean operations did not need any adjustments or enhancements!).

We do not talk about “rendering”, even worse!

That is one of the dangers of publishing a what’s new list with every build. It misleads you to think that is the only thing being worked on. It is only a list of tasks completed this week, and not a list of what everyone is working on. Believe me, there are people still working to fix bugs in geometry code all of the time.

You are a great team, listen to user requests, and this is very constructive. I hope one day will fix all the limit cases that Rhino still struggles to do (including fillet).

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I think it was- and still is.