GD&T (ASME Y14.5M) for Rhino WIP positive Input

I have been using RHINO for over a decade now as a manufacturer, Creating precision engineering models of Residential and commercial audio / Video systems integrations. I use Rhino to create all of the parts files for manufacture with its inherent ability to export virtually into any other CAD/CAM software without problems. I also use it to create massive amounts of 2D layouts (Export to Digital PDF) for Client reviews, Vendor parts sourcing / quoting, and factory reference proofs for product assembly. I have always anticipated the day that Rhinoceros incorporates a beautiful system for GD&T. As of now. I have created some of my own symbols (Line drawings within Rhino that are solid hatched) which I then import and use in any layout work that I am doing. However it is a slower process as I have to explode dimensions and space out text and callouts to set the symbols into layouts. I would hope that the is next VERSION has finally taken this into account. I’m sure I am not the only one anticipating this update within RHINO. (Thoughts? Comments?) My engineering team is now pushing Solidworks on me, but I still refuse to make the change over, As RHINO is such an incredible software, that can be even more incredible.


Are the symbols shown here the type that would be useful for you in drawing layouts? I’m imagining what you’d like is a symbol library accessed via the dimension drop menu and new command. Is that correct?


Thanks for the email follow-up. Yes you are correct in the above as you
mentioned. A symbols Library would be a massive help. Also feature
representation for processes (Counter-sink, Counter-bore, THRU hole etc…)
If I generate a 2-D drawing and click to add a diameter for example from
the dimension drop menu, I would like to be able to add other features for
machining purposes in regards to the selected diameter. See below an Image
of a basic example. It wouldn’t necessarily have to automatically interpret
the 3D model geometry and represent the feature, But if you could quickly
add the proper symbols to create the feature process would be fantastic.
Let me know how I can be more of help.

Thank you,

Robert Waissi

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Thanks Robert! I filed as a feature request and @lowell may have some further questions when he can look into this.

One thing that may be helpful from you if possible would be a full list of the process symbols you refer to in your last post. Or a link to page that illustrates them.


I have attached a GD&T symbols reference guide (downloaded from and
Provided by SIGMETRIX

This should be a perfect starting point. I can provide more detail as

GDT_Symbols_Reference_Guide_SIGMETRIX.pdf (311 KB)

Thanks, I’m sure that will be useful when we can look at this.

Has there been any further development on this? I was going to ask the same question about GD&T tolerances. This would be useful to those who use Rhino for manufacturing which is what I use it for 100% of the time.

Interesting. Are you saying that you do all of your 2D production drawing (detailing, dimensioning, sectioning, etc…) entirely within Rhino and that the lack of a GD&T library is all that is preventing you from completing them?

To put expectations on a realistic horizon - it would surprise me if this particular feature appeared on any developer’s plate during the course of this decade.

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No, Not any were do I say the lack of a GD&T feature it is preventing from doing anything. I said it would be useful for those who use Rhino in Manufacturing. I use Rhino for 100% of my work and was wondering if any progress was being put toward a GD&T feature.

Currently If I add GD&T I need to piece it together from blocks created by myself and inserted into the layout. It works but if it was part of the dimensioning features built into Rhino work life would be a just a little simpler

Have you tried downloading GD&T font and using Rhino’s text functions to insert the symbols?

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Not that I can see. The release target is set to future on the feature request and when that changes to a version number, it’s getting close to being worked on. Sorry I can’t be more specific.

I’m not disagreeing - I would also use that in Rhino.
I was just wondering if you had a workflow that puts that feature as the number 1 on your wishlist of things that the Rhino team should work on.

GD&T would be appreciated but if I can have only one wish for an improvement it would be for a fully functioning BOM feature. GD&T would be number 2

Thanks Jim, I’ll give this a try.

Tried the Fonts, and yes its an option but takes a bit of effort using the Unicode and hunting down each symbol. I have some other GD&T fonts other then these and again its more work then what I have done in the past.

The method I was using is quicker. Which is to copy and paste the symbols that I have that exist on another sheet and make any changes. Not perfect but better then nothing

Something that works in layouts and is part of the text / dimensioning features of Rhino would be a plus

This might not be exactly what you’re looking for and probably more complicated than the method you’re currently using, but thought it was worth mentioning its existence,

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Thanks, I have that.

Went a little further looking into what Jim suggested. The font is called Y14.5M-2009 and by itself works but needs a chart to use and is usable but clumsy. But what is not clear and took some looking to find is that there is a "Y14.5M-2009 FEATURE CONTROL GENERATOR" from the same person who made the font whose name is Peter Kanold, and he has been generous and made it available in the public domain. I’ve been playing with it for a day and it does work well for what I need it for. Still not what I would like to see in Rhino but I can copy the text string and past in a text block or leader so far its work very well for text.

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I’ve installed font Y14.5M-2009 but the installer for the generator says that font Y14.5-2009 (that is, without the “M”) is required. Where did you find that one?

1 Like and Were the only two sites I went to for the files. When IT was installing it they were having some problems with it also. I suggest installing an older version of the frame generator first and then the latest version, and it now works. I can not tell you which older version it is since installing software is the realm of IT here were I work :unamused:. Good luck

Found this URL as well in my down loads

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RBL / Jim,

That Link to the Kanold page was perfect I was able to just copy the Y14.5M true type font, after downloading the zip file from the link. It should be fine for the Interim. I was having trouble wit the other one (Y14.5M-2009). Ultimately though, lets all keep on the push request for intuitive geometry interpretation of 3D features and also to be able, during layout mode, while selecting a diameter or through hole to easily add symbols simply from an embedded list directly into the text block. Thanks everyone for getting involved with this feed. I really appreciate it.