Surface Split Weirdness


I’ve been getting strange results from my Surface Split component.

I’m trying to cut holes with the curve geometry into the surface. Eventually, this will be applied to hundreds of surfaces with thousands of curves.

Holes and surface:

I have no idea why it’s doing this piebald pattern!


Here is a condensed version of the definition:
20221128 - (118.0 KB)

If anyone knows how to fix this, it would be greatly appreciated! I’m also open to other, better ways of cutting holes in surfaces, if anyone knows any. (E.g. Solid Difference.)

Thank you!

Your geometry is not internalized :frowning:

My guess is that there are curves form the second surface used for the first and vice-versa.
I’d rather keep the branches by grafting the surfaces instead of flattening the curves.


Edit : found some geometry in an old thread of yours. It works, you only have to adapt it to your current definition.
20221114 - Malfunctioning (54.4 KB)

Sorry about that!! I thought I internalized everything, but I forgot about the origin point. Here is the fixed file:
20221129 - (123.2 KB)

20221129 - (123.2 KB)

Thank you, the revised version you sent works really well!

To clarify: in order to get my SurfaceSplit to work, I need to make sure that only the group of curves intersecting with the surface are cutting that surface. To do this, I need to make sure that each branch containing a group of curves matches with the branch containing the corresponding surface.

Remaining problem: what if the list of input curves is in a completely different order that the list of input surfaces?

I may be able to fix this by rearranging my script… will keep you updated!

I would upload the entire file for you to see, but internalizing all the geometry would take… eons. (Not counting the several millennia for it to actually open.)

It worked! I rearranged my file, and now I can even increase the interations of my fractal to 3!! Here are the preliminary results:


Thank you so much!