Splitting surface

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I am struggling with splitting surface by list of curves. Actually I can split surface into segments, but then I want to operate particular segments it is treated as whole surface. What is strange also that I can not divide surface so as to to receive grid of points in two perpendicular directions.
Does anyone of you guys know how to solve the problem?
Mainly my goal is to get fully independent surfaces after splitting the big one.
First picture shows seperated surface but there is no possibility to create grid points on surface.
Second picture presents what I want to obtain with curved surface.

Thank you in advance!

Splitting_surface.3dm (45.6 KB) Splitting_surface.gh (73.7 KB)

The reason, it doesnot work is because you have trimmed surfaces coming out after the Split command.

What you should do is instead split the curves of the Sweep surface you created and loft each set individually. It will create untrimmed clean surface and also it reduces computation work on your system to split a surface. Here is how you can do it.

here is the Script: Splitting_surfaceModified SU.gh (82.6 KB)

And this is what it gives you