IGES file imported from Autodesk Maya to Rhino 6

I am exporting IGES surfaces from Maya.
When I am importing the IGES file into Rhino, surfaces are completely distorted.
I also tried with STEP file format, the result has similar distortion.
Does any one know, why this distortion is happening?
Thanks in advance !

It is probably the render mesh settings, you may be able to change them to improve (perhaps with slowdown in the interactivity display)

if you post a screenshot of what’s happening could easyer to understand the problem.
only by words is almost impossible.

why you trust Maya more than Rhino3D?
maybe Maya isn’t translating geometry in the proper way. (because a tolerance or units setting)

Hi skysurfer, It is a complete workflow between Maya and Rhino, using last 11 years. Very recently this problem is visible. Previously IGES export always worked perfectly. Screen shot is not needed, it is a recent known issue. As a precision expert, I make advance plugin in Rhino. For artistic free form conceptual design I use Maya. Hope make sense :slight_smile:

Hello- this is not very useful information in itself if you cannot provide a file or at least an image. Presumably either Maya, Rhino, or the geometry itself has changed. In order to help ( I assume you posted here seeking some solution or explanation) we’d need a little more in the way of concrete information.


I’ve tested the IGS export with a lofted surface from Maya 2018 to Rhino 5 and 6, and it works absolutely flawlessly. I can’t see any distortions at all.

Yes, it works for simple surfaces. I am facing this problem, in last two projects.
I have used Maya Subdi and Sculpt tools. I have read in another forum, something may be related to sculpt function in Maya. I have identified it as Maya problem, when the same distortion happened, when I have imported it to Unreal Engine.
However FBX format worked perfect.
I am using FBX for exporting from Maya to Rhino. The problem is solved :slight_smile:
It is not a Rhino problem, confirmed ! Sorry for disturbing you guys. Thanks for the replies.

I can assume that the problem is the use of iges file format, not because itself, but because you’re trying to export a sculpted (mesh) in a surface format.
for me it make sense…