Maya artist tries Rhino after a decade away

Hi there!

After a decade without using Rhino, I’m back to the program.
Rhino is my favorite 3D software. However, there are a few things that bug me.

Like the viewport. Now, I use a drawing tablet to work, so I’m very much used to Maya’s workflow, and so the first button on my tablet is set to Rotate the view. In Maya that’s not a problem because the ortho views are locked to rotation while we’re able to pan/zoom on them.

Can my viewport behave the same way in Rhino? Meaning I can pan/zoom on them, but not rotate the view.


In a parallel projection viewport, right-mouse and hold PANs the view
In a perspective viewport, right-mouse and hold ROTATEs the view

Hello - see if any of the settings in in Options > View page help.


Thanks! I enabled “Pan plan parallel views with Control+Shift+RMB” and it did the trick.

Hi Pascal
Do you know why we don’t have the auto adjust target on the Mac?

thanks a lot

Hi Akash - I do not… I’ll see if we can get that implemented - some stuff is different enough on mac that it may not be possible, but I’ll add it to the pile.


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