Change keys to pan/zoom/rotate

Hi there,

I am a 3D artist that is very familiar with Maya, however I am recently doing some work using Rhino and learning it from scratch. While I don’t mind learning new things, the muscle memory I obtained by using Maya is bothering me while using the 3D viewport. I am writing to ask if there is a way to customize Rhino to navigate in 3D more similar to maya, more specifically, change which key controls pan/zoom/rotate.

Currently, the viewport in Rhino works in the following way:
Tumble - RMB
Zoom - alt + RMB or ctrl + RMB
Dolly - shift + RMB

I want to customize it into the followings:
Tumble - alt + LMB
Zoom - alt + RMB
Dolly - alt + MMB

What I tried:
I tried looking into Files-Properties-Rhino Options and looked into Aliases, Mouse, and Keyboard, but don’t seem to find something that works for what I am looking for.

Thanks for your help!

What is the Maya equivalent to “LookAround” a different way to orbit. Rhino: Ctrl+Alt+RMB ?

Not necessarily what I am asking for in this question, but to my knowledge, there isn’t such a way to do that in Maya, as Maya only has dollying, zooming, and tumbling.

A workaround if you really want to do that with a user-created camera (In my pipeline, usually we call it render_cam) is present, tear off a copy of the viewport so you get the view from render_cam and persp. Then, you can simply change the rotation of the render_cam by selecting it in persp and rotate it however you like.

It is unfortunate because as I know it Unity and Unreal also has it, but for the purpose of Maya I don’t find such a feature necessary because most of the time there is either a set render camera which the entire scene is optimized for that or simply modeling and rigging which normal tumble does the job pretty well.

Hello - these are the settings you get to change - I think you’ve tried that already…


Thank you, I will work with what we have currently. Maybe it would be a nice addition feature for Rhino 8? :slight_smile: