Maxwell Studio - Crash when hitting "Fire"


I have purchased Maxwell Studio for Mac (the version). I had a problem with that version, as I could not load an Asset Reference.

The latest version ( claimed to have fixed this problem, so I downloaded it from Maxwell Beta’s website.

The Asset Reference works fine now, but the problem is, as the title says, that when I hit “Fire”, Studio crashes instantly.

Does anyone have a solution for my problem ?
Should I simply wait for a new update of Maxwell ?

Thank you

Have you tried your crash to the Maxwell plug-in developer? If you haven’t, you really should. It is essential for them to be able to fix bugs.


What do you mean by “Maxwell plug-in developper” ? If you mean the Maxwell plug-in for Rhino, there is no crash there.

This crash appears in Maxwell Studio, not in Rhino.

Then in that case you’ll have to contact the good folks that developed Maxwell . We can’t fix their bugs.


Hi, armandl
As I remember, @jdhill is RhinoMac plugin developer, maybe he we’ll look into this topic )

Hello armandl,

I do indeed write the plugin, but as this is not McNeel-related, I would ask you to please post instead in the Maxwell for Rhino sub-form at Please include any relevant details that might help us to reproduce the issue. Probably we will need to get a copy of a file that produces the crash.