Maxwell | Rhino for Mac now available

Next Limit Technologies recently released Maxwell 4. Among other new features, it now offers Rhino for Mac Support.

Maxwell | Rhino for Mac offers a brand new integration for Rhino for Mac, allowing you to work within the Rhino interface via a Maxwell toolbar. Also included with this integration is Maxwell Studio – Next Limit sophisticated standalone scene editor. This provides an additional workflow based on the Asset Reference feature, which allows live-linking to assets (.obj, etc) created in Rhino from within Maxwell Studio.

Bundled together in one easy installation package, the plug-in + Studio workflow includes the entire suite of Maxwell tools. For integrated features see the Feature Table.

More info about Maxwell 4…
Maxwell for Rhino for Mac video…

Posted Oct 28, 2016 by Elena Caneva on Rhino News, etc.

I was very excited about this, as I’m a long-term use of Maxwell Render and a new Rhino user (and fan!), and loved the idea of them being combined.

However, I’m not sure that it really is actually available yet in a working form.

It definitely doesn’t work with macOS Sierra - in fact, no Maxwell Render product appears to work on macOS Sierra - and Next Limit support staff don’t currently have any idea when macOS Sierra support will be introduced. I also tried 4 on a previous macOS version and that didn’t run at all reliably - on average it was about 4 minutes work between crashes, and applying virtually any form of complex material was an instant fail.

YMMV, but before parting with any money I would strongly urge that you test Maxwell 4 thoroughly: I’m in the (long drawn out) process of obtaining a refund.


Hi, I recently bought Maxwell for Rhino mac and have started to experiment with it.

Does anyone already have some experience with the plugin?