Maxwell render issues

Hi guys,

Two days ago I managed to FINALY get my hands on Maxwell, but I am having issues and I can’t seem to get it fixed. Basically, there is something wrong… I am including pictures and am hoping someone here can shed some light on this cause it’s driving me crazy! All my renders come out as seen in the picture bellow.

When I am using fire, there’s an error msg I am not familiar with. I tried messing with all of the settings from camera to lighting, to not avail.

Please assist… Thank you

Well what the error is literally saying is that the environment map you’re using for lighting isn’t HDR, ergo your lighting is dull mush. Is it not an HDR it other kind of 32 bit file?

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Not even sure how to check that. Basically this was from me just opening up rhino3D, at default settings, same with maxwell, and running the render.

Any ideas how to correct this?

Thnx for the reply :slight_smile:

That’s just a warning, not an error. It’s telling you that some materials won’t utilise the full potential of Maxwell.

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Are you using the latest version of Maxwell and the Rhino plugin? Whited out renders were an issue in the initial release of Maxwell 5.

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I am. I used the older version of both long ago and didn’t have this issue :frowning:

Any idea how to change that?

have u tried converting your HDRI from 8/16 bit to 32 bit in photoshop?

? Why? Ty all of the replies

because the warning says u are using low Dynamic range texture for IBL. try to change to 32 bits with photoshop to see if that fixes the issue.

also, try a single rectangle light source and turn off IBL to see if the wash out is caused by your HDRI

did you use HDRI for the IBL?

I think i know the problem.

change your environment type from “constant dome” to “physical sky” and turn on “use sun”

that should remove all the wash out image and maxwell will render with physical sky.

Ok thanks I’ll try it. I didn’t tinker with any of the options what so ever, this is the default render and it shouldn’t be like this. I’ll try tonight and I’ll post the result. TY Mr Yang and everyone else pitching in.

I’ve been doing research all day and ran into something interesting, basically render time. My render time is set to 30 seconds by default, I don’t know why but there was a suggestion by someone to increase that and see what happens… Why in the world would the render time be set at 30 seconds by default? Either way, I think that might be it.

Try selecting the Maxwell environment in the environments tab then turning on the sun and making sure it is Physical rather than some. This will get you to a good starting place.