Maxwell v5 on mac - impressions?

Hello guys!

Could anyone share an experience with rendering on maxwell on mac? If possible the new version 5. How does it work? Satisfied with the workflow? Does it crash a lot? All opinions, comments and personal experiences are most appreciated!


I use it occasionally and I am quiet satisfied.

Multilight is obviously a killer, because you can change the light intensity/color at the end of the rendering.

The material editor works fine, also with the lights no issues.

Sometimes it crashes, but not more than Rhino itself or ArchiCAD.

I think the integration is slowly coming to some results, I still want to play around more. Grass and so on…

Ok, good to hear, thanks!

Did they make extras like grass and particles integrated into rhino?

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Yes, grass and scatter are included.

I played around with grass today, that works just fine.

This tutorial helped me a lot to understand the new features

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Brilliant thanks!