Renderer suggestions?

I’ve been using Maxwell for quite a long time. They’ve basically dropped Rhino plugin development and support. No indication it’s coming back.

We’re setting up a new team member and I don’t want them to waste their time and energy learning Maxwell.

For workflow reasons, renderers that require exporting a “finished” model from Rhino to a separate package for material assignment and view composition is out.

Looking for suggestions for a new rendering package. Ideal features:

  1. Rhino plugin for V6 available and actually usable.
  2. Physically correct, PBR materials etc.
  3. Real-time preview.
  4. Farm-based online rendering service available.
  5. Some kind of turn-key water simulation. (Like Mawell’s sea extension, huge benefit)
  6. Simple to use, ideally camera analog like Maxwell. (Not into tweaking arbitrary or mysterious values)
  7. Something like Maxwell multi-light. (Render once, output several lighting variations.)

Basically I want Maxwell to make a V6 plugin, but doesn’t seem like that’s going to happen… So we’re jumping ship. Looking for suggestions.

Hi @wynott
I don’t use Maxwell, but it seems your dream just came true:
Maxwell's Silver Hammer
HTH, Jakob