ViewCaptureToFile Max Resolution

Hi all,
what is maximum allowable size of ViewCaptureToFile command?
I need a large resolution image in order to do a raster to vector conversion but no file is savedover a certain limit.
(even if Rhino says “image successfully saved as…”)

What numbers have you tried?

up to 30’000 x 15’000 works
50’000 x 20’000 doesn’t save

50K x 20K pixels is 4GB in 32 bit resolution… Maybe your video card can’t handle it?

I don’ t think it is a video card issue
(Geforce 2060S max resolution is 7680x4320=33Mpix)

I run _ViewCaptureToFile
set save location, file format and resolution
file is actually saved to location
up to certain limit the file is saved and I can open it.

Over a certain limit (roughly 500Mpix, 30’000 x 17’000 still works)
Rhino says: Image successfully saved as…
but no file is saved to location.

OK, dunno then… @jeff?

Thanks anyway,
500Mpix is a reasonable resolution for my actual needs but I wanted to know the actual limit.

I am tuning an “raster” workflow to create silhouette of bad surfaces in alternative to Make2D, Trace plugin or Rooster GH definition.

Will post a new discussion about this when it makes sense.

I don’t think Rhino imposes any limits. That isn’t necessarily good.
At some unknown setting, your system resources and driver will impose a practical limit either by failing, crashing, or through some other nastiness.

Based on me watching messages like these go by, there is no average resolution you should expect.

Ok, thanks
that’s a fair answer…