ViewCaptureToFile dpi problem

Hi - recently over here all JPGs saved with ViewCaptureToFile command are 96dpi, and forever they used to be 72dpi.

Is there anything in Rhino that controls that output setting? I don’t recall changing anything but really would like to get back to 72dpi default.



Hello Jarek,

In your Rendering dialog under Resolution and Quality set to 72 DPI ? Or something else like 96 ?

Thank you,


hi Andy,

thanks, but the Render setting is 72dpi, and viewcaptures still come @ 96…


Hi Jarek - would the ideal be to follow the render settings?


Hi Pascal, yes, I would think so (and I thought it was the case now already).
I never messed with this in any Rhino area, 72dpi was always default. and all of the sudden the captures stick with 96.

Normally it doesn’t matter that much as the pixel size is the most important, but we have some scripts in Photoshop that depend on the dpi information and 96 throws them all off, so every time there is an extra step now to change the captures back to 72dpi.



Hi Jarek, we’re mulling over what to do here and when (6/7) … it seems the machine’s display is getting involved - high-res monitors result in higher dpi, whereas the command itself uses 72 dpi internally. Do you have any sense of when this changed for you and did it correspond to a monitor change?


Hi Pascal, nothing I can recall has changed; and still using normal size/old monitor.

Hi Jarek - thanks. So… not sure what is going on - the developer says 72 is what the commands use, and yet I’m getting 96 (1920 by 1080 monitor) and she gets 120, on a high res screen. So it looks (to me) like something other than Rhino is getting in the works but I don’t know what it is.


Oh, at least you can see that it is out of whack.
I have 1600 x 1200 screen.
Maybe the dpi setting can be added specifically to the capture command?
I know it can be specified when going via RhinoCommon viewcapture somehow…

EDIT: sorry wrote too fast and missed the part it is already hardcoded in the command. hmmm…


Was this ever resolved?

I often use screenshots and vray renders together in Photoshop, and this 72/96 dpi issue causes issues.


bumping this…

would be very helpful to force 72dpi

Same here, I don’t think this has ever been solved. Still getting 96 dpi defaul JPGs which adds some extra work down the road as you mentioned.

I’m having this same issue with my own machine. One day it exports 120dpi, I restart rhino, and within the same day, it now is exporting 96dpi and I have no idea why.
Any updates to this issue in Rhino 7?
It seems like DPI needs to be another parameter in viewcapture command… It can’t or shouldn’t be this hard to replicate an image from a view capture depending on the monitors people are using…