Hi! Everyone
I am new to MatrixGold. So far, I am satisfied with my purchase, discovering new tools every day.
But my problem here is with the rendering; working in the jewelry industry, my boss is demanding an image like the attached one, but with MatrixGold the diamond comes out a big mess.
Could you help me guys with this issue? Please!!!

The main issue is the diamond.

This is how it comes out with the MatrixGold.

It looks like your light source is put to some natural light. A diamond looks like the one on top when:

  • its a modified brilliant cut
  • synthetic light

the diamond on your image looks like you have two geometries over each other or the light source is sunlight (although I’m pretty sure matrix gold does no raytrace with dispersion) or your cut is fancier than brilliant cut.

I think its a question of light sources and where they are put in relation to the camera. The goal rendering is very poor quality if I might say so. You can get way better quality rendering if you use Rhino Cycles.

If I might add some advice for you, as you are learning (if you don’t care for them, just ignore):

  • the gems around the center stone are not distributed symmetrically.
  • usually you don’t draw the prongs for settings like the gems around the center stone. The setter is meant to use the resting triangles after preparing the setting. especially not when the value of the center stone is 12x the production cost including the surrounding diamonds. They should be much closer to each other, nearly touch.

Thank you Ben
First, I am using Matrix Classic for rendering.
2nd, I am using the gems of MatrixGold.
Isn’t it possible to create with it rendering like the one on top?



Hey Meir,

I think it is possible, but you don’t make your life easy. The old Matrix is based on RH5 if I don’t mistake and render capabilities have very much evolved since. I don’t remember how we did it back then exactly, but I’m pretty sure it was all about the right light sources. …and of course background image. Whether you take fluerescent bulb or different light source. if your backgroundimage is b/w or colored. for jewelry try and prefer b/w for clean reflections.

If you can convince your boss to invest in let’s say keyshot ( a easy to use render solution) or lets you explore RhinoCycles, you’ll gain much time in the future.
find render instructions here: Rhino - Learn to use Rhino

it’s a question of 10 min once you’re used to cycles, but if you fiddle around with a 10 year old program, you probably end up depressed.

Thank you so much, Ben
I am going to follow your advice tomorrow working with Rhino cycle.


Just a small question: where can I get the modified brilliant cut youève mention above

it’s called ‘modified’ because it’s an oval gem and brilliant cut is round by definition. if you deform your round brilliant with gumball, you get a oval modified brilliant cut. sorry the unnecessary over correctness that lead to confusion.