WANTED - An rendering expert in Rhino 7 for a comparative rendering test

Hello all:

Since the launch of Rhino 6, the jewellery CAD community of Rhino users has seen a lot of upheaval. Matrix 9 switched their rendering suite from the category killing legacy V-Ray version they were using to their own adapted version of Rhino Cycles in MatrixGold. This has proven enough of a step downwards in quality and user-friendliness to re-open the market again, and now several new renderers have appeared to sell their product to the community. And the forums and social media groups are now filled with tribal bickering as to which one is best.

To further add confusion to matters, we also have a new rendering tool in Rhino 7, which is light years ahead of what was in Rhino 5, and even significantly better than Rhino 6. So now we have an even harder time deciding which to choose for our own work.

To solve this problem, I’ve put together a comparative rendering test for my blog (www.cadjewelleryskills.com) to show off each of the renderers and their individual strengths. I’ll be running it in 4 parts to maximise the fairness of the test. Two tests by myself (one quick, one best effort), and two more to be done by experts (one to a specific specification, and one “take your best shot with the renderer”).

This is where you guys could come in.

I’m looking for individuals who are each confident enough with one of the rendering tools listed below to represent that tool for the purposes of the test:

  • Rhino 7’s default renderer
  • Thea Renderer
  • Keyshot Pro

You and your services would be given a shout out from the blog articles in which these are featured in return.

So what do you say? Anyone up for assisting?

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For what it is worth: the new rendering tool in Rhino 7 is also Cycles, like Raytraced in Rhino 6 (and Raytraced in Rhino 7).

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Yeah. I now know that. But I still would like an external expert if anyone is willing to participate.