Matrix Digital Rain

I’m trying to create a Matrix Digital Rain effect on surfaces… just for fun.


Divide surface, create vertical lines, put a random letter at each point, colour the letters shades of green.

Anyone got a better way? Feels like there should be a better way! (50.7 KB)

Probably with a shader. :slight_smile:

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That could be your signature!

this for sure will be very helpful :slight_smile: I remember having red somewhere those japanese letters in the original Matrix cascade were indeed taken from a book of sushi recipes lol

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Use GhGL and take for instance

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I don’t get it?

Check this out:
Matrix digital rain (source)

OK, so say my output goal is going to be a scene that I can render an image from. I don’t think shaders help me in this case?

I’m sure you’ve proposed shaders in the past a few times… could have been someone else tho!

I don’t see why this wouldn’t work, because shaders are made for rendering.

Maybe once or twice.


I couldn’t get the Fab Tools Text components to work with a colour input so resorted to just using standard Text Tag.

Frame_ (23.2 KB)

Still a long way off the above link…

For example, the font is wrong, obvs. The letters further back in the trails should randomly switch. There’s not the same visual, bloom effect (yeah yeah shaders! :slight_smile: ). etc etc etc.

The first attempt to randomise the colours created a pattern that I wasn’t expecting but I don’t know why I managed to get a sort of pattern from Random?

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Just a try

letters (15.6 KB)


Good use of Perlin Noise!


Yeah, that was done with Grasshopper and Firefly plugin :smiley: