Flying postal card

Hi !
I want to create something like in the picture. Do you know any command or script I can use ?


Hi Antoine - you’d make a surface that is the path then sprinkle your objects onto the surface, is my guess at how to approach this - Grasshopper or a script would be needed, I suppose, to randomze the placement and orientation.


Thanks Pascal - I will try.

Hey Antoine,

something like that?
Blä (12.8 KB)

2 non grasshopper methods

method 1
take a spiral, with a half a turn or whatever then ribbon it, throw some noise displacement to get an uneven surface, extract the rendermesh dup the boarder and patch the mesh with the boarder, then flow a bunch of rectangulars over the surface use pull and trim the rest off.

method 2
for a better control you can sweep a bunch of curves around the spiral which is probably much faster, then you can avoid extracting the rendermesh and the pull and instead flow the rectangulars directly over the sweep.

below i tried the first method just out of curiosity, but i would recommend to save some time and use the second suggestion.

a little trick regarding the rectangulars, use tween, to create an array rather than array, so you can tweak some shape differences and it is a good alternative to array when you need to array between two geometries.