RhinoCycles & Grasshopper

your RhinoCycles & Grasshopper work is really cool:

Even though you stated this was development simplification for now - please let us get our hands on such stuff at a certain point :wink:
Keep on rockin!

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Looks like you missed the video I uploaded after that one :slight_smile:


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Really cool Nathan!
Thank you!

And just managed to do this:



What can I say Nathan, great work!

How about one of those standard MaterialEditor-scenes as the hardcoded backdrop?
Although those bricks are lovely! :grinning:

How difficult would it be now to have a custom Rhino material reading an XML created by (and maybe saved out from) this Grasshopper setup? Probably this is what you are planning on doing anyway…

From now on I will not repeat anymore that I can’t wait to get my hands on all of this stuff :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
Take that as standard comment on anything you’re doing here :wink:

The idea is that for this you’d use Grasshopper to create geometry to slap shaders on. That’s now possible with the very limited set of shader nodes available:

This is exactly what I’m doing. For now I’ll be rendering into the Grasshopper Cycles component, but the idea is that one would select a special rhino(cycles) material that would receive the XML as created by the user in GH. For now though I’ll be just using the Cycles component for prototyping and testing shader setups. First I’ll have to add all the other necessary shader nodes though :slight_smile:

My standard answer to that is as always: “most likely eventually” ^.^

But be assured that I will keep posting progress stuff like this every now and then. Now just happened to be a really productive and exciting time for myself with this :smiley: