Need Help after upgrade of RH6

Wondering if any one has had an issue after latest update for RH6 (6.8.18230.16521, 08/18/2018), "breaking RH5.
It just will not load, keeps on saying Rhino had a problem and needs to close. I have repaired installation for RH5, doesn’t help. When I try to Run Matrix I get an Error message that “Run-Time error ‘462’: The Remote Server machine does not exist or is unavaiable”
RH6 runs just fine
Help please
Thanks in advance

Hi Lawrence - you might try, if you have not, uninstalling/reinstalling Matrix.


Hi Pascal. RH5 will not open up, if I try and open it standalone.


Nevertheless, I think it is worth a try reinstalling Matrix. Does V5 open in safe mode?


Thanks Pascal
Rhino opened in Safe Mode - seemed to “unlock” something. Rh5 opened in “normal” mode after that. Just uninstalled and reinstalled Matrix and life is good again.
Thanks again