Materials Swapping and Replacing Each other (Flamingo NXT)

Once my file has around 20 materials I run into the problem of Materials swapping or replacing each other through out my whole file. For example I have a good amount of material files used in my model. Then i go to add a new material (aluminum polished). the new material either wont apply to the object or replaces another material.

When i open the flamingo nxt materials browser and try to apply the “new aluminum polished” it thinks that material is something else like glass smooth. Even though that new material is now in the “Materials in Model” section. If i try to re-add the material it ask do i want to replace it i say yes. But instead it just makes a duplicate of the material it thinks it is in this case the glass smooth, but calls it "aluminum polished-00"
has anyone run into this issue its truly annoying and has been in the program since the release of flamingo nxt. is this being resolved?

I’m using Rhino 4 with Flamingo Nxt

I’m not able to reproduce this here. Can you tell me the SR version of Rhino 4, and the version of nXt from it’s About menu option. Also, can you provide a file and the exact steps including how you are assigning the materials and to what object when the wrong material is applied.

Out of curiosity, have you tried this in the 90 day Rhino 5 evaluation? The 32 bit version should auto-load your nXt plugin from v4. You can have v4 and v5 on the same machine.