New Materials for Rhino 6

Hi All,

I’ve had a few issues with Rhino 6. The rendering has posed some questions so maybe I should start from scratch and create new materials even on files that are brought forward from Rhino5.

What say you???


The Rhino materials changed a bit for v6 with templates and some added features but v5 materials should still come over. If you were using a different render plugin in Rhino 5 than the default Rhino Renderer, that may also be the issue. Explain the issues you had and provide any files and I’ll take a look.

Hey Brian,
I was using Flamingo nxt as the renderer. When I upgraded to Rhino 6, I also ugraded to the latest version of Flamingo. I’ve also updated my drivers for video. (NVIDIA 960M I think)

I’d like to create new materials anyway as the videos make it look pretty cool and I don’t have very many…in fact, I think all are just solid colors rather than anything with textures mapped to them.


Okay, the latest version of nXt in Rhino 6 can use the Flamingo materials or the Rhino 6 material templates like Metal, Paint etc. and those in the Rhino 6 material library.

Brian, Thanks for sorting me out! Although it seems to take a little longer to render, I think the results are worth it. I’m still in process of converting to the “new” nXt materials…they’re pretty cool and easy to create. Thanks again.