Materials not visible in rendered view


I´m using Rhino 5 (Win7pro) in German language.

I downloaded the following Model of a power socket:
the file: schuko.stp

After opening it in Rhino I divided the model in its parts. Then I saved it to a 3dm. After I put every part in an own layer and gave materials to the layers. But unfortunately the materials are not visible in the “rendered” mode of the windows. (I´m sorry - maybe I use unusual words, cause I use the german language version of rhino. So I don´t know the correct words of the english Rhino-Version. I hope you know what I mean).

Would be nice if anybody could explain what´s wrong here. I just want that the different parts have different colours when I work on the model.

Thank you very much!


Hi Seiml,

Are you using any render plugin or is this with the default Rhino Renderer? Have you made any changes to your Rendered display mode? Can you post the 3dm file where you’ve separated the model on different layers and assigned materials?

If you are only interested in having different colors while working, that should happen automatically if the different layers have different layer colors. Default Shaded or Wireframe display modes should use those colors.

Hello BrianJ,

I don´t use a render plugin. I just set the display mode to “rendered”. Normally the objects look like the choosen material of the layer. It works also with objects that I built by myself in this file, but not with the objects that were from begin in the file.

Heres the file with the different layers:

Hi @Seiml

All your objects are blocks, and they pay no attention to the layer you place them on (layer colour, layer material etc.). Use Selblockinstance to select them, then use Explodeblock to turn them into “regular” geometry (you might want to set GroupOutput=Yes in the command line in order to make it easier to re-distribute the geometry to their respective layers. Explodeblock will put all geometry on the active layer) and violá - it works :slight_smile:

HTH, Jakob

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OK - Thank you very much! I didn´t know anything about blocks. Now I know.