Objects don't render in color

Viewports set to rendered mode don’t show objects rendered in the layer color or a custom color(if set). The color shows as expected in wireframe and shaded mode.

I’ve tried this for extruded solids, and solids created directly from the Solids menu, like cylinders and cones.

Wenatchee Version 8-23-2013 (476) on an original MacBook Air running OS 10.7.5.

rendered views will show an object’s material as opposed to layer color.

select the objects you’d like to assign a material to.

use the Properties command or click on the ‘object properties’ icon in the top toolbar (looks like a color wheel).

click on the ‘material’ button.

click the object button

you can now assign a color from the panel as well as gloss and transparency

Thanks, the tutorial example had pre-selected render colors so it rendered in color. Sorry for the rookie mistake.