Material textures conflict after opening file

Hi everyone,

I am having a recurring issue with flickering materials in rendered view in Rhino 6. Everything is fine when I save my work and close a file, but when I open this file again, I see flickering material conflicts. Its hard to show the issue with a static image so I’ve linked a video.

Observations and troubleshooting I’ve tried thus far:

  • When I click the attached material for editing sometimes if I check or uncheck the color mask box it solves the issue. When it does solve the issue on one object, it rarely works on all objects.
  • This issue occurs whether Vray is my default renderer or not.
  • This issue occurs on when I export to Rhino 5 or open on another PC.
  • I’ve disabled Vray, restarted my computer, and the issue persists.
  • Some material names have been mysteriously replaced with “rdk$0200-0200-2D890EC2_png” If I try to replace the material, the issue persists.
    Any help pointing me in the right direction to troubleshoot this would be greatly appreciated.
    rhino test.3dm (15.0 MB)

Side question: Why is the texture editing dialog window sometime have all options greyed-out and nothing is editable and sometimes it is editable? is there a way to control this?

Hello - are the materials Rhino materials or from some other renderer?


Hi Pascal,
I am not using any Vray materials. I should add that this issue frequently effects Picture Frames. My understanding is that when I add an image into Rhino using the Picture command, it will never be a plug-in material.

Hi Ryan - is this in V6? In V6, pictures make a Picture material, but if you bring in V5 files that have Pictures, it will not be - are these Pictures made in V6? The UI would normally look like this:

Can you post an image of what you see when it does not work right?


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Everything has been modeled in Rhino 6. I’ve only exported to Rhino 5 for troubleshooting. Note that the original PNG file has a name of “_40.png” and this is correct for the material. but the linked image name has mysteriously changed.

Here’s another one: Both Pictures in the same file one is flickering and the other displays correctly.

Hi Ryan - are the original images, the ones that are being substituted, on your local drive?
@andy - What would cause that substitution of an image with ‘rdk etc etc.png’?


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I work at an office that does use a server. I try to keep everything local, however, sometimes things get messy. Please see this thread I posted in last month: Embedded files folder

I can say that this is defiantly happening with material textures that are saved on my local drive.


Our IT guy switched out my graphics card from an AMD to an NVIDIA and the issue was immediately resolved. He suspects it has to something to do with OpenCL/OpenGL which is above my technical understanding.

Thanks for your help!