Export Metal/Glass Materials (fbx, dae, ...)

Hi there,

I am trying to export some 3D furniture with textures to then use them in a VR environment but I’m having quite a few problems along the way and was hoping that someone could help me out.

  1. Rhino Materials: I found that most materials work, as long as its just a diffuse texture, for example wood without any bump/reflectivity inputs. But for any other material I seem to lose all ‘Material Settings’ such as Gloss, Reflectivity, Reflection etc.
    The most basic case would be to export a simple metal sphere (attached). How is that possible?

Unlike many other people that posted here I didn’t have any issues with UV maps (yet…?).

  1. V-Ray Materials: Same goes for V-Ray Materials, is there a way to simply export my files with V-Ray Materials where the material is generated through ‘Settings’ (reflection, refraction, IOR, transparency, metalness, …) rather than through imported maps?

Thanks a lot!

what I export:


what I import:

torus.3dm (79.6 KB)

try exporting as obj-

Exporting as obj also produces a black shape. I also tried first baking the material but that also ends up black.

Might try fbx…

what VR engine are you using?

I tried fbx, obj, dae and even gltf with no success. The textures are not shown in any 3D viewer so I don’t think there if an issue with the VR application.

Textures that are assigned though a diffuse map in the ‚color‘ channel work fine.

which vr engine are you using?