Matching problems with already tangent and flowing surface panels

This was a t-splines model before conversion so its all flowing and tangent already.

Its just a few extra isocurves that need connecting/removing to be able to merge it all together properly (I know the breasts will need to be seperate, but thats ok)

What is the best way to go about this?
Is matching my best option? Or can I add the needed isocurves manualy by surface normal / between parralel Knots?

Thank you.

Ok so after some experimentation with knot removal ive gone back to using surface matching and allowing some generated overlap round the breast circumfurance I can trim/edit later.

But there are still surfaces which say the edges are too far apart, even after matching. and a thin strip at the back is behaving like a trimmed object, this can be rebuilt, so im not too worried about that.

But the panels on the side being “Too far apart” is bugging me, as it seems seamless in all ways. How the hell do you achive surface union in this case?

FYI I need this to be seamless so it can be drawn on using interpcurveonsurface for making corset patterns without breaking at the surface edges.

Consider making simple 2d curves and projecting them, with History, onto your shape. Edit the curves to change the projected curve shape.

Apart from that, not much to say about merging without the file…


Thanks Pascal. But its not me who is doing the curve drawing, its a friend who is a corset designer. (she’s been using the mac beta and is looking to purchase the full copy now)

Here is the file Corset form Matching issues.3dm (7.6 MB)

Is there a detailed description of the history function you can point me to? Ive been using it wrong and want to do some reading up on it.

Thanks loads.

Hi Simon- it looks like you can get things merged up to this point:

See the attached file for a look at Project using History- Adjust the Cyan curve to update the projected (black) one.

Corset form Matching issues_Project-History.3dm (1.4 MB)

Damn that was quick.
Thank you Pascal.

How did you get those pieces to merge? the thin strip says its been trimmed so doesnt allow matching, and the others say the edges are too far apart no matter what I do.
I am always getting these problems and Ive read the rhino help files realy carefuly.

Hi Simon- I probably ran ShrinkTrimmedSrf, then Untrimmed, thren merged.


Thanks, I will give that a go.

Thank you for your patience, you must get asked these questions constantly.