Getting tangency

Hi guys, i am back again, how can i achieve tangency between the curved surfaces with the question mark? i already did this on the “ok” side when creating the curves to do the 2 rail sweep but for some reason it not so easy to achieve this on the side with the question mark, would appreciate any good feedback. Thanks

Hello - please post the 3dm file, or Export part of it, someone will take a look.


Here is the file, sorry for the delay,
problem file.3dm (533.3 KB)

Some of the panels are basically rectangular, and the angled part is trimmed out, and some are triangular and not trimmed. I think I’d do all the large faces as trimmed rectangles, and avoid the construction where the UV compresses to a point - that way the surfaces can be simpler and you can do the matching (MatchSrf) before trimming.

To fix up what you’ve got, try

  1. RemoveMultiKnot on the lower surface (below the very top one) and then
  2. MatchSrf for tangency, ‘Match by closest points’ and ‘Preserve isocurve direction’ set.

problem file_PG.3dm (854.6 KB)


Thanks pascal!! never used the match surface command before, nice way to solving the problem with the procedure you outlined, just brilliant!.

Weird question but awhile back Pascal sent me a file with some corrections and he added a sort of markup in rhino, how did he do this. i have attached a file showing the markup, would help alot if anyone can point me in the right direction:)

Hi Mitviz- use the Dot command for this.


Thanks Pascal!!!