Matching multiple surfaces


I’m trying to match three surfaces and am running into the problem that when I match one edge it undoes the other edge condition, is it possible to fix the edge conditions? Below are some pictures of what I’m trying to do:

the surfaces I’m trying to match…

top three surfaces matched using _matchsrf command and curvature continuity selected…

looks good but there is a small gap created…
gap can be fixed by matching the two surfaces with _matchsrf and position continuity selected, but undoes my initial curvature match…

So that’s my problem, I’ve been stuck on it for awhile now and it’s preventing any further progress in my project so any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

(Pascal Golay) #2

Hello- I don’t know if you tried it yet but the option to ‘maintain isocurve direction’ can help. if you can post the surfaces, someone may be able to take a look and lend a hand as well.




for this kind of situation you might want to check out our plug-in VSR Shape Modeling 2.0 ( It has exactly the functionality you are asking for here, see . In addition to that the Surface Matching function in our plug-in has an option “minimize changes” to avoid effects like the one you are describing (make sure that the handles at start and end are set to position for that. That works even when matching tangential or curvature).

Let me know if you should be interested in more information.



thanks for the responses, I was able to get a result I was happy with by tweaking the locations of my surfaces.