Attempting to match seams of merging surfaces


I’m still a novice with certain aspects of Rhino, particularly getting good clean edges and curves that will join. I’ve included a screenshot of the challenge I’m facing matching the heel portion of a guitar neck with the neck shaft. There are two separate pieces that get machined independently as my CNC machine is somewhat limited in capability and forces me to do so. Hence with the machining of the shaft and heel independently, the accuracy of the two joint surfaces is critical to end up with an almost invisible joint when the two pieces are glued together. Frankly, I’m at a loss as to what Ineed to do get these two surfaces to match.I’d appreciate some help fixing (perhaps just the Rhino functions I need to use) also suggest any specific tutorials that will help gain an understanding as to what functions I can use to correct these problems in the future? I would also like to know if there any tutorials that go over the diagnostic functions I can use to check the integrity of my curves and surfaces


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Hi cmarfione- can you post or send me the surfaces and input curves? MatchSrf is the tool I think, perhaps with Refine checked and ‘Preserve isocurve direction’.



Let me try this myself using your suggestions. If I’m not successful I’ll send the file your way.


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Also: ‘Match by closest point’ checked.




I was able to rebuild the neck shaft surface and then overlaid the heel surface, trimming away the excess shaft surface to create two new edges, one for the shaft and the other for the heel. They join so I’m going to assume they are well matched.


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Hmmm- that is a leap, if a smooth match is required - use Zebra, with a very fine mesh setting (in the Zebra control) to check that.