Matching HSV RGB numbers Rhino 5 and 8 fails


First step in setting up my workplace in Rhino 8 is to use same colours I am used to in Rhino 5.
Go Properties>Appearance>Colour.
click Background colour rectangle for Rhino5 and see its RGB 225 225 225 and HSV is 0 0 225
enter those values in Rhino 8 and HSV becomes 0 0 88

alter the 88 to 225 and the RGB 56 56 56

Why is it not possible to get the colour RGB 225 225 225 and V as 225 in Rhino 8 ?

I then look at Photoshop , RGB if I enter 225 225 225 in Photoshop I see H S B as 0 0 88

so was Rhino 5 wrong to have the V as 225 ?


HSV has a number of ways to set values… IIRC, the “real” way is a range from 0 to1… But one can also find that mapped to 0 to 100 so that it looks to humans more like percentages. And mapped to 0 to 255 so it looks more like RGB.

so V8 (and photoshop) is displaying V as % and V5 as out of 255.
is that so ?


Yes, that is the way it is in V5 and V6. In V7 the entire color picker window was re-written and expanded, at that time the S and V ranges were changed to 0-100. Hue remains 0-360 as that represents an “angle” on the color wheel.