HSV color limit

Hi, I was working on Rhino 7 and I noticed that for the saturation and the value limit it caps at 100 and it won’t allow me to increase it beyond 100. Is there a way for me to increase the limit for that?

Thank you !!!

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Hello- HSV uses 0-100% - I don’t know if it ever is presented as 0-255, is that what you are expecting?


Hi Pascal,

I was watching a school tutorial on rhino for my project and it had included +100 as values. I think it might have been a previous version of Rhino I attached a picture for reference.

Those are RGB values which range from 0 to 255, not S (saturation) and V (value) which are use in HSV. RGB is a different method for specifying colors than HSV. Color spaces available in Rhino 7 include HSV, HSL, RGB and CMYK.
Rhinoceros Help - Select color | Rhino 3-D modeling (mcneel.com)

Umm @davidcockey, the OP’s screencap shows both HSV and RGB values…

@vli7 In R6 (illustrated), HSV was expressed as an angle for H, between 0 and 355 [degrees], and fractional numerators for S and V in the range 0 to 255 [with implicit denominators of 255]. In R7 the numerators are replaced with percentages or (user choice) fractional numerators in the range 0 to 1, with implicit denominators of 1. To replicate the tutorial behaviour in R7 set the range option to 0…1 (via gear icon next to dropdown) and divide any tutorial input S & V values by 255. The H value is the same in R6 and R7. Note that if you load an R6 file into R7 it should change the S & V ranges automatically for you, so if you have downloaded a file associated with the tutorial, any colour values already in it should be OK.


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My mistake. Good clarification by Jeremy.

So just for clarification, these were the hsv values that were given to me by my professors. Going by what Jeremy had suggested the values of the saturation and the value would be divided by 255 to convert into the percentage scale (0-100)?

No, to convert into the alternative 0…1 fractional scale.

I.e. 255 / 255 = 1

Thank you so much! I just inputted the converted values in Rhino and worked!

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