Matching both curve ends?

Hi everybody,

I’m not finding something like _MatchSrf _MultipleMatches to apply to a curve in order to determine both ends continuity at the same time.

Looking into McNeel Wiki I found the simple _Match, _FitCrv, _ChangeDegree and_Fair but I think non of these tools is giving a direct solution for this need… Neither around the Forum or Google…

Any idea?

Thank you!!

Hi Jordi - curve matching is one end at a time… the only partial exception is the ‘Preserve other end’ setting so you can avoid making unwanted changes to the first end when you set the second end.


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Hi Pascal,

I thought this may work the same for curves and surfaces. It seems to be enough with “Preserve other end”, so with this one and _BlendCrv we can go ahead…

Thank you very much