Match Properties

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The Match Properties dialog doesn not close with RMB on the viewport. Shouldn`t it get closed with OK instead of repeating the last command ?

thank you,

Hi Clement,

That’s working here for me using Rhino 5 SR4. My steps were…

1- run MatchProperties
2- sel object to modify
3- RMB
4- sel source object
5- RMB with the cursor over the viewport

5 closed the dialog for Match Props. Are you saying it doesn’t close and you start running the MatchProperties command again?

Hi Brian,

i think my description was confusing. I`m not running the MatchProperties command, i´ve meant the Match button in the properties dialog which basically runs the same dialog:

  1. Create two circles using _Circle
  2. Select one of it
  3. Click the Match button in the properties dialog
  4. Rhino asks for the source object
  5. Select the other circle
  6. the Match Properties dialog opens
  7. Right click the viewport to close this dialog

On my system (SR5) it is repeating the _Circle command instead of closing the Match Properties dialog.


Thanks for the clarification C. I see the bug here too in SR4 now and have filed it as
(you can’t see this publicly yet but that’s planned)

Thanks Brian for filing it.


I see the similar problem as well. Basically, match button ( in the properties bar) doesn’t work. Today I downloaded the newest update and it still doesn’t work.
thank you and good luck guys

confirmed. It`s not working as it should.