Match Properties in Rhino fro mac

Am I missing something? I can’t find the ‘match properties’ command anywhere.

Can anyone assist?


Use the command MatchProperties or click the Match button in the Properties panel when an object is selected. It looks like the Rhino Render materials aren’t being matched though so I filed that as … thanks.

yep… materials aren’t being matched.

that’s how it was when MatchProperties was first implemented on mac… then it was fixed… then it reverted to the ill behavior… i re-reported it somewhere around here but i think it got lost in the mix.
thanks for logging it.

Where is the “match button”? There is no “MatchProperties” command either. See screengrabs.

I think you’ve got an old build. 5A751 is the latest as of this post.

This one is from 2015-03-24, i.e. yesterday.

heh, there have been dozens(?) of builds since that one. a few of the builds had messed up notifications/expirations… such as the one you’re currently working with.

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ok, new problem …

You’re going too fast.
You entered your email address to get the download.
It told you a message was sent to the address you entered.
It has the download link and the license key code you need.

Check you inbox…

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My bad. All sorted. Thanks :slight_smile: